Otin onkeeni Olan hyvistä vinkeistä ja pistin menemään tälläisen mailin:


Hi all,

I received … feedback this March recommending me to take English classes. Only now I realize I should have as my command of the English language simply does not permit me to express the joy I feel to write: ”Friday is my last day in the account.” I wish you all the best and good luck. I would like to wish extra good luck to those brave souls who get to stay on board the ship navigating … through foggy, treacherous and CMMI-infested waters next year.

My ambitious plan for now is to become an unemployed alien. While unemployed I plan to travel around Australia, Fiji, Vietnam and Japan and think about what I want to do when I grow up. If everything goes according to the plan – as everything always does – I will end up back in Finland in late March.

However, it’s not just me leaving. Christmas break is finally here, which is another good reason to go out and have drinks. If you have the chance, please come over to … on Friday after work. I will be there early as I will hand back my badge and gun at 10am on Friday. If someone is up to it, I can continue for a big night out in the city too.

Please invite those that I have missed. I did miss a few people on purpose, though.

3 Responses to “Hyvästit”

  1. Tero sanoo:

    Lisää viihdettä tai rahat takaisin.

  2. Nina sanoo:

    Tyoton on kiireisempi kuin koskaan. Silla on tiiviisti aikataulutettua turismokierrosta vedettavana joka paiva..

  3. Ewa sanoo:

    Tervetuloa kotiin Olli!!! We have missed you!!

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